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Our bespoke bakery counters

What better way to showcase your delectable baked goods than with a bespoke bakery counter? Lighting, display and accessibility are as important to market your products as the delicious treats themselves. Counterfit offers individually designed bakery counters created specifically for you.

There are a number of essential elements to consider when looking for a bespoke bakery counter – functionality, aesthetic appeal, practicality in your store space and keeping your tasty creations fresh, delicious and enticing to your customers.

Through experience and attention to individual need, Counterfit offers a free site survey, which will provide a bespoke bakery counter design that takes account of spatial requirements and the aesthetic goal of your space. Using high-tech computer software, Counterfit is able to provide a modular design which can be adapted to even the smallest of spaces. Counterfit understands that space is a premium and maximising space through adaptable designs is the name of the game.

Not only are Counterfit’s bespoke bakery counters spatially targeted, but they cater to the mood and feel of your space. This means that your food offerings will be displayed according to the specific theme of your storefront. How do we achieve this? Counterfit uses high-quality, versatile materials which allows us to adapt our bespoke bakery counters according to your individual need. We offer a variety of lighting solutions from bright and breezy to dramatic and sullen. No matter what the style of your food, whether modern, traditional or retro, our variety of materials and colour allow us to offer a bespoke solution according to your products, theme and individual requirement.

Counterfit understands that practicality and functionality are a priority to ensure that your goods are kept fresh, delicious and appealing. We offer bespoke lit bakery counters with refrigeration options available for more delicate, contemporary goods, as well as more traditional options such as long bakery counters providing a practical work surface within the store, as well as being aesthetically appealing to entice your customer.

At Counterfit, we understand that a bespoke bakery counter can stop a potential customer and draw them into your store. With innovative design specific to the look and feel of your space, we are able to provide you with a safe, fun solution for any type of store front. Our functional and unique bakery counters will form the centre piece of your store’s décor and from design to installation, our team of highly-experienced professionals provide a hassle-free solution to the most critical part of your stores display offering.

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