Bespoke bakery counters and general counter design

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Bespoke bakery counters and general counter design

In retail, showcasing your products can be as important as the products themselves. With a counter that is designed to make the most of the space available, whilst presenting your business in the best possible light, you cannot fail to reap the rewards and footfall that a great display will bring. This is why Counterfit’s bespoke counters are so popular.

Counterfit are an experienced supplier of tailor-made and modular counters, who combine functionality with bespoke features to create the perfect counter for your business. Their great insight into the counter-fitting and merchandising industries provides them with the required knowledge to be able to a maximise space in a small shop and offer a range of options to suit your particular décor or theme. We will also advise on any additional features your counter may benefit from. For example counters in food establishments often require refrigerated and heated units and the effect of lighting should never be underestimated. It contributes a lot to the mood of the shop and can also affect a customer’s inclination to buy. A happy customer, in pleasant surroundings with a clear and accessible view of the clearly-signed products available, is likely to buy more from you.

To give you an example of how our services work, we will use bakery counters as an example. If you have a bakery business, for which you require bespoke bakery counters, we will come and assess your site. In order to make an initial design we’ll need to know whether you simply need bakery counters from which to sell your baked goods, or whether you will also need a practical workbench counter as well. We’ll need to know what you aim to achieve with your counter and how you want it to look visually. We have a massive range of colours and materials available for you to choose from and will be able to provide a counter that complements your branding.

As for the features required for your bespoke bakery counters, let us advise you on how your counter will best serve both your customers and you. We are likely to know where the refrigerated and heating area would be best placed for everybody’s convenience and also what lighting and set-up will best highlight your products. Once we have all the information we need, we will take care of the whole process for you, initially providing you with a design, before moving on to the installation. The end result will be hassle-free, bakery counters that are ready to use and that will start doing the selling for you. We can arrange counters to suit every budget, so why no have a look at our gallery and give us a call!

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