How a modern food counter can help your business

How a modern food counter can help your business | Counter Fit
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How a modern food counter can help your business

The display of your produce is critical to giving your customers a positive and memorable experience, no matter which aspect of the food industry you are in. An eye catching display not only makes the best of your produce, but also makes a strong visual statement about the quality and professionalism of your business. Food counters are an effective way to entice your customers into your shop, leading them to make that all important sale. Our range of food counters offer you the perfect solution for generating better sales, completing the interior design of your space and driving your business forward into a more efficient and professional future.

Improve hygiene and efficiency

Our bakery and delicatessen counters can include glass frontages to protect food and beverages from insects and other damaging external conditions. With a range of refrigeration, heating and lighting options, you can always rely on your food produce staying fresh throughout the day. Customers will simply love the quality of your food and keep coming back for more. Our counters are also easy to clean, making your business easier and more efficient to run on a daily basis.

Expand your space and storage

Maximise the capacity of your shop space with our bespoke modular counters, including slim fit counters for narrow spaces, and corner units with 30 to 360 degree radius. Our counters not only compliment the size of your room, but make great storage facilities, both within the counters themselves, and on top of the counter, making it a perfect working space for storing useful equipment.

Professional elegance 

Boost the visual appeal of your shop space with the elegance of our smooth bar counters. The style of your interior design can be reflected in your choice of counter, with a wide variety of sleek materials to choose from. With a choice of traditional and contemporary options, customers will love the professional stylish finish of your shop or bar. Make an impression with our range of lighting options to create a stunning visual impact that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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