How Counterfit can build amazing counters for your bakery

How Counterfit can build amazing counters for your bakery | Counter Fit
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How Counterfit can build amazing counters for your bakery

Do you need bespoke counters for your bakery? Do you require a counter that is a perfect fit, looks just right, and will provide a safe space for your baked products? Consider Counterfit, one of the UK’s premier designers and fitters of food counters, who can offer a comprehensive quotation and a personable, diligent service from initial enquiry to installation.

Our bakery counters are a great display for your freshly baked items – not only do we offer basic counters, which provide a dramatic background for your goods, but lighted display counters (available in a range of temperatures) and refrigeration systems are also available, so your products will continue to stay fresh and delicious while on show. Our sleek, modular counters are brilliantly varied in material and colour – whether you require a modern, contemporary food counter or a more traditional-looking bakery counter, we can help you create a workspace suitable for your premises. We can guide you through the design process, so you can rest assured that your new counters will complement your bakery and its ethos.

Here at Counterfit, we offer high quality fittings and designs – by providing a free site survey and using computer aided design, we ensure your counters are a perfect fit and have the ideal look for your bakery. Our modular designs are versatile and adaptable, able to incorporate corner sections from 30 degrees to 360 degrees, so your bakery counters will fit your premises just right. Supplying counters in a range of sizes, we even offer a range of slim line counters for smaller bakeries – we know space is at a premium and we can offer an ergonomic, practical solution to your needs.

At Counterfit, we can provide a premium service for your bakery – we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you end up with a product you and your customers love. Take advantage of our flexible designs to create bespoke counters perfect for your baking premises and keep your baked goods fresh, delicious, and enticing with Counterfit.

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