The Coolest Bar and Clubs have Counters Designed by Counter Fit

The Coolest Bar and Clubs have Counters Designed by Counter Fit | Counter Fit
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The Coolest Bar and Clubs have Counters Designed by Counter Fit

If you’re opening a new club or bar, or refurbishing your existing club, then you’re probably thinking about counter design, something that tells the customer they’re in the right place, that somewhere special or maybe you’re thinking ambience you want to create the right mood…funky…elegant whatever it may be, it has to be perfect. The new range of Modular Bars from Counter Fit are all about making an impression, beautifully crafted and exceptionally modern they are definitely a commitment to excellence and worth a look!

Let the Kaleidos range set the mood with it’s amazing continuous colour system and Modular finishes that are so uber cool your customers will be in no doubt they are where the party is.

Or for sipping Martini’s with the cool sophisticated set the Incontri oozes European class with leather finished panels available in a variety of tones to suit your taste and your clientele.

Perhaps simplicity is the look you’re after, then welcome in your customers with the smooth easy lines of the Starnight counter, to relax in style.

The Modular Nightclub Counters range continues with the Havana, Boston and Metropolis, all finished to a high standard and all available through Counter Fit.

If you want to know what a Counter Fit Nightclub Counter would look like in your Club or Bar then Counter Fit offer a free On Site Survey and meeting to discuss your specifications and requirements. The counters come with varying bar height, lengths and additional sections to create the perfect shape, and to ensure they get ‘it’ just right the Counter Fit CAD design system creates a 3D imagine of your future counter, that way you get to see exactly how it will look and fit into your business before installation.

The Night Club counters can also be multiplexed with ambient and refrigerated display cases.

Make your business as individual as you are with designs perfectly tailored to reflect your style, your unique image, and you practical needs. With a counter from Counter Fit, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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