A fitting way to sell or serve

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A fitting way to sell or serve

What do The Fudge Kitchen in Oxford, Bean in Tunbridge Wells, Changos in Manchester and Leisure World in Colchester have in common? Each has trusted Counterfit to produce the service area to meet their specific requirements. They are just four of the many businesses who have worked with the talented design and construction teams from this Preston-based firm. Together, each has created the unique location and atmosphere which allows their products to be displayed to best advantage, or their service operations to create the desired ambience.

How Counterfit can work for you

Perhaps you are producing truly unique breads or cakes and require stylish bakery counters to display these. You might want to upgrade the serving area in your delicatessen to show your range of meats and cheeses to best effect. Your goal could be to create a food serving area that works for both your team and their customers. Maybe you feel it’s time to create a different atmosphere for your wine bar, or simply make a style statement with new bar counters. Whatever your specific needs, the experts at Counterfit are ready to discuss, plan, shape, and then construct exactly what you need.

What Counterfit can provide for you

There are so many ways to make just the impact you wish. It might be with a range of subtly-lit and temperature controlled display counters or cabinets. You could have a need for wall display units or work benches for food preparation or packaging. It might be that you require a very specific configuration of modular straight or curved counter blocks to fit your available space. Simply the height of your bakery or bar counter might be a key consideration. Often, the interior of your business has to be presented in a way that allows those passing outside to quickly see the exciting range of products you’d like to tempt them with.

Reaching those important decisions

Whether starting out in a new business, or refreshing a current one, the good news is that Counterfit are happy to offer a free site survey and initial meeting. These can be followed-up with a detailed quotation, backed-up with stunning 2D and 3D CAD designs to allow you to see how your products or services could be presented to the public.

So, if you are considering this key business step, it makes sense to contact the experts and spend just a little time discovering what is truly possible as you strive to present your business in the best possible light.

Bring your Counter Tops to Life

How We Can Help You
  • Craft a fresh counter top that helps your business grow
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  • Renovate your existing space with new, bespoke counter tops
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  • Create a safe, flexible space to fit with new ways of working
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