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Bar Culture In The UK

Over 15 million people drink in Britain’s public houses at least once a week. It’s an industry that employs some 600,000 people in England and Wales alone and is as much a part of British culture as fish and chips, tourism and morris dancing. Once upon a time a pub was just a pub, selling cask ales, spirits and lagers, along with crisps pork scratchings and peanuts. These days however the traditional pub has diversified into café-bars, karaoke bars, night clubs, gastro pubs, sports bars and so on.

One thing which ties are these different establishments together however, is the bar itself. All of the above revolve around the bar. It’s where drinks are served, profits are made and the heart of the establishment shines. Saying that, it’s staggering just how many pubs and clubs are severely lacking when it comes to bar design. At busy periods staff can be tripping over each other, getting in one another’s way, waiting too long to get to the till and so on.

A well designed bar is one that works regardless of how busy it is. If it’s a busy bar with three, four or five members of staff working behind it, then having more than one till is essential. Also having more than one set of optics holding them ore popular spirits such as rum and vodka will also ensure the bar can work smoothly and professionally, even on a busy Friday or Saturday night. When designing a bar, all these things have to taken into consideration if you want it work.

Not only should a bar work from your staff’s point of view, from a punters point of view it should look aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The design should fit in perfectly with the rest of your décor rather than look like it’s been shoe-horned in, and an experienced shopfitter will be able to help you realise a design which is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

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