The Secrets of Bar Design

The Secrets of Bar Design | Counter Fit
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The Secrets of Bar Design

If you’re in the process of designing or redesigning a bar or public house, it’s easy to get entirely caught up in the shapes, the colours, the materials and the lighting whilst forgetting about whether or not the bar area will be functional or not. There is much more to the functionality of a bar than simply sticking a few pumps on the counter and hanging some optics on the back bar. All too often a the size of a bar is compromised to make more space for customers, but what will happen when you need more staff behind the bar?

When determining the size of a bar, think about how many members of staff you’ll have, then add one more. If your staff are constantly getting in each other’s way, the speed and efficiency at which they serve your customers will be severely affected, which will have a definite knock on effect to the popularity of your establishment. Good bar design is paramount to running a successful pub or club.

At Counterfit, we are highly experienced in all aspects of shop fitting including delicatessens, coffee shops, wine bars, pubs and clubs. For many years we have been designing and installing complete shop refits, so we’re in an ideal position to help clients throughout the UK come up with a design which is both functional, practical and inviting.

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