Modern & Traditional Bakery Design

Modern & Traditional Bakery Design | Counter Fit
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Modern & Traditional Bakery Design

Nothing beats freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries and for this reason, bakeries are thriving where other retail businesses are failing. Even a bread making machine doesn’t quite match the skills of a proper baker, and who wants a loaf of bread with a hole in one side? Whilst many bakeries retain their olde worlde charm, modern bakeries are taking advantage of more recent shopfitting innovations such as heated counters for their pies and pasties and illuminated display counters, ideal for cakes and pastries.

We provide a wide range of counters and display units along with a full design and installation service. Having many years of experience means we are in an ideal position to advise business start-ups on the ideal design solution. If you’re restricted by available space or tied to a strict budget, we can help you the perfect design, no matter how your space or funds are.

We can design, supply and install all kinds of bakery counters and cabinets, echoing traditional aesthetics with hardwood surrounds and slate counter tops or more modern shop counters with frameless display units, stainless steel or brushed aluminium creating a truly up to date aesthetic. Too have a look at the broad range of shopfitting designs we can provide.

Bring your Counter Tops to Life

How We Can Help You
  • Craft a fresh counter top that helps your business grow
  • Get to grips with how your business works, with in‑depth consultancy
  • Renovate your existing space with new, bespoke counter tops
  • Refurbishment or move premises (stress-free guaranteed!)
  • Create a safe, flexible space to fit with new ways of working
  • Help you consolidate or reduce space to save money
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