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Nightclubs For The Next Generation

Nightclubs can take on a great number of different guises including retro disco, modernist and futuristic designs. We have a tendency to return time upon to the nightclubs which have an attractive ambiance, friendly staff, great music and décor which we find appealing. Thankfully the ‘dive’ nightclub seems to be thing of the past as owners have long since realised that nightclub design is paramount to the success of their establishment.

Nightclub styles are are constantly evolving and as fashion changes, so do nightclub designs. With a plethora of designs to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. For instance, a classic look or retro feel would feature illuminated panels, neon lights and straight sleek lines. This retro feel can then be brought home with the addition of lava lamps, fibre-optic lights and other accessories evocative of the era. Have a look at our Kaleidos modular bar which would fit perfectly in any retro nightclub.

For something with a more modernistic feel with cubic shapes, have a look at our Metropolis and Boston bar designs. Being of a modular nature, these can be easily adapted fit small or large spaces and will also work in other catering establishments to, such as coffee shops and cafés. Both of these nightclub bars ooze class, elegance and style, providing the perfect place from which to serve your customers into the early hours.

We also supply a variety of other designs, all of which are ideal for modern nightclubs. For example, if you want something a little more curvy rather than modular, our Havana design is perfect. Visit our nightclub & winebar design page to see what we can offer.

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