Commercial Countertops: Whats Hot?

Commercial Countertops: Whats Hot? | Counter Fit
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Commercial Countertops: Whats Hot?

The ever changing world of commercial counter design sees new products being released on a regular basis. With many people opting for modern or futuristic designs whilst many others look back to retro styling, manufactures have their work cut out for them in order to keep up with the diversity of products their customers require.

Versatility is key to counter design, where specific products can meed any number of adaptations. These innovative products, coupled with the creative flair and expertise of a professional shopfitter means almost anything is possible. And one such innovation in counter design is the Retros. A complete counter solution offering a full range of customisable counters and back bar units can be integrated into many different designs.

The Retros system lends itself perfectly to pub and bar design, but can also be adapted to suit coffeshops, delicatessens and other types of catering businesses. Based on the Antiqua, Classica and Starnight systems. The Retros enables us to provide a complete back bar unit which can be finished with stainless steel or natural wood.

Its uses and adaptability is not just confined to bars; it also has units capable of storing and displaying food items as well as bar-ware, making it ideal for a wide range of high street caterers. For more details, contact us at Counterfit to see how the unique back bar system can be adapted for your premises.

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