Clancys Coffee, Manchester Airport T2 Arrivals

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Clancys Coffee, Manchester Airport T2 Arrivals

Clancy’s Coffee Company are situated in Manchester Airport, Terminal 2 arrivals, and have been serving high quality take away coffee from their coffee carts for many years.  Proprietor Peter Hutson-Jones took the opportunity in 2008 to expand from these famous carts and began work on the shop in T2 arrivals, the first of many planned locations.

Peter contacted Counterfit Limited and asked us to meet with him on site at the airport to discuss plans and ideas.  He explained the concept he had in mind, as well as the menu and quantities he was looking to achieve.  From this meeting we were able to come up with the first design of the layout.  More meetings took place and a layout was decided.  The exciting phase of the project was to follow by choosing the right counters and colours to entice the waiting customers in for a coffee, and also perhaps a quick snack.  In the end it was decided that the Classica bar was the option best suited to Peters vision, along with a Europa Plus serve over counter in the same decor.

Colours chosen were the Dark Oak decor, along with the Verde Brasil granite which hold a hint of green whilst looking black from most angles.  The finish was excellent as can be seen from these photos.

Peter also took advantage of our ‘Basics’ range by ordering a microwave oven and toaster to help prepare his snacks.  Why not visit Counterfits’ Basics range now to see if we have some deals that could help you once you have your dream bar counters.

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