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Need a Coffee Break?

Us Brits are proud to be known as a nation of tea drinkers, but that doesn’t stop us loving a good cup of coffee. Many of us simply cannot function without a caffeine injection first thing in the morning, along with additional ‘hits’ throughout the day. If you walk down any high street in any town centre, I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ll see more coffee shops than tea rooms.

Whilst other shops seem to be closing left right and centre, a well positioned coffee shop is one place that can thrive. Shoppers are always going to want to take the weight off their feet, have a caffeine hit and a natter whilst watching the world go by. It’s an essential interlude to a day spent shopping for people of all ages, from teenagers to OAP’s, coffee shop culture has hit our high street.

As long as a coffee shop is within a couple of minutes walk of the main shopping thoroughfares, it has every chance of being successful. Some people like to seek out somewhere a little out of the way, down a side street away from the hustle and bustle whilst others prefer to take a break from their shopping in the heart the precinct. Either way, the quality of the coffee served is paramount.

People may be happy drinking instant coffee at home, but paying a couple of pounds on the high street, they expect something far better; that being freshly ground coffee from Costa Rica, Jamaica and Columbia made using proper coffee machines. Regardless of whether you like espresso, cappuccino, mocha or latte, you can taste the difference between commercial catering equipment and a kettle & teaspoon.

Proper coffee machines are made to be seen, standing in pride of place behind the counter. Any self respecting coffee shop knows that image is as important as quality, and as such they’ll invest a lot of money in their commercial coffee machines. Looks aren’t everything though as their commercial catering equipment also has to keep up with demand.

A busy coffee shop needs a coffee machine capable of delivering hundreds of cups of coffee each day, without fail. So investing in a commercial coffee machine is money well spend as it provides an efficient, functional and reliable tool which is the backbone of your business.

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