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The 21st Centrury Coffee Shop

For many years the coffee shop has played an important role in our social lives. In recent years more and more coffee houses are appearing in our town and cities, so much so, they are beginning to rival the numbers of public houses. With this new found popularity, traditional coffee shops have progressed into slick, stylish and elegant places to take a break from shopping.

Today’s coffee shops offer high quality lunch menus which includes sandwiches, smoothies, wraps and salads alongside a huge range of coffee choices including Espressos, Cappuccinos, Americano’s and Lattes. Thankfully the days of small round tables, plastic tablecloths, and coffee served in plastic cups are long gone. Instead we have sleek wooden tables, large leather sofas, contemporary porcelain cups and up to date counter tops that rival many a nightclub or cafe bar.

Often the difference between a successful coffee shop and one which is failing can come down to  issues such as cleanliness, aesthetics, the pleasantness of the staff and their efficiency, as nobody likes to wait too long at the coffee shop counter waiting to be served, even if it’s a beautiful hardwood counter or a futuristic stainless steel counter, no punter wants to be there too long.

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