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Bar Fitting Made Easy

The general aesthetics of a bar speaks volumes to your customers. Once you’ve got them through the door, the bar is the next area of your establishment they seek out, so it has to look inviting. If you bar doesn’t look inviting, it could actively drive customers out the door and in the direction of your many competitors.

If you’re opening a brand new bar or public house, or having a refit, it is essential to consult with an experienced and professional shopfitter. Choosing a new bar design wisely can be a tricky as it’s easy to overlook functionality with so many design options to choose from. It is also important that a new bar ties in with your existing décor if you’re not having a complete refit.

Experienced shopfitters will help you through every step of the way, from the initial design, to costing, ensuring your new bars remains functional, taking into consideration things such as the location of the sink in relation the till and whether your staff will be able to use the space effectively even at the busiest periods.

Here at Counterfit, we have many year’s experience fitting out pubs, clubs, coffee shops, delicatessens and all other types of establishments. We understand the complexities of good design whilst making the transition from old to new as simple and straight forward as possible for our clients.

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