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Wine Bars with Counterfit

One of the nicest and perhaps most relaxing things to do after a long day at work, is to go and sit in a sophisticated wine bar with a chilled glass of smooth French wine.  Becoming increasingly popular in the last twenty years, wine bars now rival local coffee shops and bars due to their refined, yet relaxed atmosphere. With more wine bars on every high street, owners are increasingly trying to remove the association of wine with upscale clientele, and overwhelming wine lists that people are intimidated by, in order to replace it with a causal and relaxing atmosphere.

So what is it that makes wine bars so attractive? They lend themselves to a very chic, yet laid back environment. It is slightly more special than going to your local pub for one, which arguably in certain situations is exactly what is needed, and it is far more relaxing than going to a nightclub. It’s a place that you will not look out of place in if you are dressed up, but you can equally go there to have a conversation without shouting above music. It is the perfect medium between the two.

Here at Counterfit we know exactly how important it is to have a modern, sleek looking wine bar, and that is why we offer bespoke counters, which are built to suit all your requirements. We use only the finest materials and equipment, building a great relationship with our customers, to create the exact counter that will bring your bar to life.

If you want your wine bar to become a bit edgier at night why not take inspiration from The Studio in Clapham, London where we installed colour changing LED Lights behind frosted glass panels around the bar. This creates the perfect day to night transition whilst still keeping it modern and classy. Or, if you want a classic, timeless design, why not consider a plain wood effect, similar to the Lancastrian Suite Function Room at the Town Hall in Chorley or On The Park wine bar in Leeds. We can fit refrigerators in all of our counters ensuring that your drinks stay delightfully chilled and perfect for your customers, but also allowing you to design where it will be best suited to you and your business.

At Counterfit we aim to fit your bespoke counters for your wine bar as quickly as possible to avoid too much delay on your business. We not only offer you 2D and 3D drawings of your design, but we are also able to CAD (Computer Aided Design) your installation prior to it being fitted. This is not only to make sure that you are one hundred percent happy, but also to check that it looks perfect, and that it fits in every way that it was intended, giving you a wine bar that you can be proud of and that your customers will look forward to coming back to.

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