Counterfit – designing your own counter


IsometricBy choosing Counterfit, we can guarantee that you will be getting a bespoke counter that no other shop will have. At Counterfit we strive to give the customer exactly what they want. You can design the layout, material, design and colour, and we will strive to give you exactly what you want whilst sticking to the budget that you give us. Whether it’s a delicatessen or a rear bar unit where drinks are prepared, you name it, and Counterfit can make it.

What does Counterfit offer that others don’t? As previously mentioned Counterfit offers bespoke, custom made counters, so you know that your counter is not only tailored to your individuals need, it is also one of a kind. This makes your business memorable and individual. By starting with a simple sketch that you have provided, here at Counterfit we can turn that dream into a reality. By going to view the area we can generate both a 2-D and 3-D sketch as well as discuss in detail with you, the client, the exact material and colour that you want. As well as offering heat counters and cool counters, dependant on the need, we also offer the added bonus of coffee machines, hidden bottle coolers, and storage fridges if these are required. Counterfit manages to design your order and order it within a four week time frame, meaning you could have your dream counter unit a month after designing it. There are a dedicated team behind each order, and the client always has a point of contact throughout the design and installation period, again making sure that customer satisfaction is top on our list.

Whether you are opening a nightclub, bakery or coffee shop, Counterfit will be able to make your business unique For example; Changos restaurant in Manchester has very vivid, funky, colourful prints, compared to The Studio in Clapham, London which is a very sleek wine bar with coloured lights, but very plain counters. Both incredibly different, both unique and both designed by Counterfit.

By choosing Counterfit, you will not only get incredible service, complete control over the design but we are also able to CAD, or Computer Aided Design, your installation prior to it being fitted. This gives you as the client to see in detail how your design will look at the end of the installation process, as well as allowing us to check everything is perfectly measured and fitted, so there are no surprises when our team are installing it.