Are you planning a refurbishment of your sandwich bar?

Are you planning a refurbishment of your sandwich bar? | Counter Fit
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Are you planning a refurbishment of your sandwich bar?

It can be a daunting prospect if you decide to refurbish your business. However, if you are going to do to it, it needs to be done properly. There is no point putting a coat of paint on the wall, if nothing else looks nice. It is the little things that all add up and make your business look phenomenal. For example, if you walked into a clothes shop and all the clothes were just strewn on the floor, you wouldn’t want to buy anything from them, regardless of whether the walls looked nice! However, if the items were displayed nicely on racks, or folded on shelves, with mannequins showing customers what the clothes could look like, you would be a lot more interested in buying them. Knowing what aspects to focus on is important. A good counter can significantly improve how your food is presented and ultimately, as it is the customers who will buy your products, this is what is important. And that’s where we can help…

Regardless of what food you serve at your sandwich bar, here at Counterfit, we can produce a counter that is tailor made to suit your business’s needs. The clue is in the name at Counterfit. We create food service counters using modules of straight and curved counter blocks to create a retail food counter of any shape and configuration that fits as well as it looks on your premises. From the zany prints of Changos in Manchester, to the more traditional, sleek, counters at Café Bravo in Southport, we can turn our hand at anything, giving you the counter that you have always longed for.

Getting your counter has never been easier either. After an initial site survey, where we discuss in detail exactly what it is you want from your counter, we measure up and provide a 3D CAD drawing to show you exactly what your counter will look like once it has been fitted. We can even fit coffee machines, refrigerated displays and heated counters, meaning you can keep your pasties and pies warm and your drinks and cream cakes nice and cool, giving one hundred percent customer satisfaction each time. Every inch of your counter is customised by you, giving you a completely different and unique look for your sandwich bar. As humans, rightly or wrongly, we make opinions on a place largely by its appearance, so giving your establishment a refurbishment if it is tired looking is incredibly beneficial and worthwhile. With Counterfit, you know you are in good hands. You can tell us exactly what you want and we will produce just that.

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  • Craft a fresh counter top that helps your business grow
  • Get to grips with how your business works, with in‑depth consultancy
  • Renovate your existing space with new, bespoke counter tops
  • Refurbishment or move premises (stress-free guaranteed!)
  • Create a safe, flexible space to fit with new ways of working
  • Help you consolidate or reduce space to save money
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