Commercial Glass Washers: Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Commercial Glass Washers: Worth Their Weight in Gold! | Counter Fit
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Commercial Glass Washers: Worth Their Weight in Gold!

When it comes to commercial catering equipment some of the first things that spring to mind are large commercial ovens, toasters, and coffee machines that are large enough to cope with the demands of busy coffee shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Whilst this equipment is essential for the running of these businesses, it is very often something that can be hard to locate.

Commercial dish and glass washers have become an important and integral part of modern businesses, improving efficiency and ensuring that all dishes and glasses are left sparkling and dry quickly enough to be used over and over again over the course of a day or night. In most cases should the dish and glass washer break down so too would the smooth running of the business either through the loss of an employee to manual hand washing dishes or total disaster with a company running out of dishes or glasses in which to serve customers.

Commercial dishwashers are much larger than their domestic counterparts and have been designed for heavy commercial use in restaurants, cafes and bars where a large number of glasses and other crockery need to be cleaned in a short space of time. Commercial dishwashers like other commercial catering equipment need to be efficient and get dishes clean safely and quickly.

The advantages of commercial dishwashers are numerous and include their large capacity, quick cycles and ability to dry the glasses and dishes quickly which allows for a speedy turnaround. Unlike domestic dishwashers, the commercial version is designed to be in constant use, hour after hour, day after day.   On top of this, the commercial dish and glass washing machines also complete their washing cycle far faster than the domestic version, enabling any café or restaurant, regardless of how busy they are, to provide a constant supply of clean and dry dishes.

It’s hard to imagine how catering businesses such as coffee shops, cafés, bars and restaurants coped before the advent of today’s fast and highly energy efficient commercial dish and glass washers. Along with modern cleaning fluids and rinse agents, which ensure the plates and glasses, are properly washed and dried in a minimum time, only adds to the necessity of commercial glass and dishwashers in every busy catering establishment.

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